One medium – two surfaces with different properties: uniting the advantages of curing and non-curing saturations by an asymmetric saturation process

GESSNER is very excited to promote our new filter media which incorporates our patented asymmetric saturation technology and combines the benefits of curing and non-curing resins in one single medium for filter manufacturers. Our two-sided media provides different characteristics which unlocks advantages for our products & converters in a brand-new way.

In the automotive industry, processing filter media requires material that not only maintains a certain level of stiffness for efficient and rapid processing but also accommodates the formation of pleat lines and dimples during pleating without compromising the integrity of the media. Thanks to our specialized saturation technique, GESSNER can ensure this durability while maintaining the media's pleat-ability.

The unique feature of our "asymmetric saturation" technology, which combines different resin systems within one medium, enables us to customize our media to perfectly suit the specific requirements of each customer. We invite you to reach out for more details. Allow GESSNER to craft the ideal media solution tailored to your needs!