Nonwoven filter media and pleat supports that meet the latest trends in automotive technology for filters and acoustic parts. Filter media and pleat support from GESSNER are used by many car manufacturers as first fit (OE), as well as in the worldwide after-market.

The automotive industry is subject to constant change. Requirements for safety, quality and environmental protection are constantly increasing. Diesel and gasoline engines are becoming more efficient and the performance expectation of individual engine parts is rising. And that includes the filter media used in air, oil and fuel filtration, all of which need to meet the increasing demands for long engine life and longer service intervals. That‘s because the choice of filter system can greatly reduce the degree of wear on engine parts.

Filter Media for Engine Air Filtration

Clean air for engines

Depending on the vehicle type and driving conditions, an engine can require up to 500m³ of air per hour. This air, depending on the location of the vehicle, is loaded with differing quantities of dirt and dust particles. Air-intake filter systems, for example air measurement and regulation devices, ensure that combustion takes place with minimum presence of damaging particles, ensuring lowest possible fuel consumption.

Ever-reducing space under the hood and the ever-increasing volumes of air needed by engines today mean that highly specialized filter media with high dust capacity are required; requirements which we can achieve with gradient-structured, synthetic or multiple-layered media.

Filter Media for Cabin Air Filtration

Less stress on car drivers and passengers

It’s not just engines that need clean air, but drivers and passengers, too.
Cabin air filters significantly reduce the amount of dust, pollen and odors in the air and make for a clean environment in the passenger cabin. Our electrostatically charged meltblown media, improves particle removal efficiency for the finest particles (< 1 µm) and also reduces pressure drop. This allows energy-saving, low-noise fans to be used.

Filter Media for Fuel Filtration

Functional filter combinations for fuel filtration

Efforts to continually reduce fuel consumption have led to dramatic developments in fuel injection systems. Increasing injection pressures requires significantly improved filter performance. Alongside higher particle removal efficiencies, removal of water plays a decisive role in reducing wear in the injection system.

To meet these demands, Gessner combines impregnated filter media with micro-fibre polyester meltblowns. The impregnated filter media assures easy converting by the customer, maintains a stiff and stable pleat pack, achieves high efficiencies for particle removal and resists the ingress of water droplets. The meltblown layer guarantees high dust holding capacity and enhances water shedding. Depending on individual customer requirements, filter media can be specially developed with resin systems having hydrophobic or hydrophylic properties. 

Filter Media for Oil Filtration

Diversity in oil filtration

Motor oil has to meet diverse requirements. When fuel is burned in an engine, temperatures of over 2000°C are generated under high pressures. Dirt particles and soot get into the oil circulation system. Oil filter media must remove these contaminants and store them and do so at high temperatures, despite oils containing high volumes of additives.

Ever-reducing space under the hood, reduced oil volumes, longer service intervals and higher efficiency requirements continuously present ever higher demands on filter materials and how they are combined.

Depending on customer requirements, cellulose, synthetic or glass fibres are used in our filter media. This spans from media containing only cellulose to media made from 100% synthetic fibres and anything in between, and from media consisting of just one layer to those with many. Resin impregnations optimized for oil filtration significantly improve resistance to hot oil, while keeping the media stiff and stable. 

Nettings for Pleat Support

Naltex™, Conwed™, and Delnet™

Our materials play a critical role in the performance of liquid filters.
Naltex™ Diamond Netting and Conwed™ Square Netting act as a pleat support within cartridge liquid filters. Featuring specialized, engineering-grade resins, our nets have unmatched performance in high-end aerospace and vehicle oil, hydraulic, and fuel filtration systems. Available in configurations that provide pleatability at ambient temperatures with low-melt medias.
Delnet™ Apertured Film provide the filter's internal pleat support and lamination layer.

NeenahSilence® media for Acoustic Absorption

In the automotive industry, nonwovens are used as sound-absorbers in order to provide maximum comfort with a minimum of disturbing noises to the passengers. Meltblowns used as air flow resistance layers can enhance acoustic properties of voluminous nonwovens and help to reduce volume and weight.

Gessner produces NeenahSilence® meltblowns nonwovens in a variety of polymers such as polypropylene or polyester. Colors and other properties like grammage or air permeability can be defined individually in order to achieve an optimum composition of voluminous absorber and air flow resistance layer.

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