Motor oil has to meet diverse requirements. When fuel is burned in an engine, temperatures of over 2000°C are generated under high pressures. Dirt particles and soot get into the oil circulation system. Oil filter media must remove these contaminants and store them and do so at high temperatures, despite oils containing high volumes of additives.

Ever-reducing space under the hood, reduced oil volumes, longer service intervals and higher efficiency requirements continuously present ever higher demands on filter materials and how they are combined.

Depending on customer requirements, cellulose, synthetic or glass fibres are used in our filter media. This spans from media containing only cellulose to media made from 100% synthetic fibres and anything in between, and from media consisting of just one layer to those with many. Resin impregnations optimized for oil filtration significantly improve resistance to hot oil, while keeping the media stiff and stable. 




We offer a wide variety of grades to meet individual process and filter requirements: 100% cellulose, combinations made of cellulose, glass, and synthetic fibers or layered media. GESSNER is able to tailor the media onto your special requirements, from a highly efficient filter media, also as corrugated grades available, which increase filter lifetime to its optimum.

GESSNER's filter media solution made of 100% cellulose media are saturated with phenolic resins, making them more durable and long-lasting than other standard filter media solutions. Highly developed media with our gradient structure improve depth filtration thanks to their media structure and composition.

As we know that every application has special requirements, we also offer our grades in corrugated form to meet a wide range of customer requirements. The corrugated media structure stabilizes the pleats, preventing them from collapsing and thus increasing the filter efficiency. With this option, we provide greater flexibility and choice, ensuring that our customers can find the ideal solution for their specific needs.

For those looking for a sustainable filter media, we offer FSC® certified grades of our cellulose filter paper, sourced from responsibly managed forests. With those media you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality filter media solution that is also sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests, contributing to environmental, social, and economic benefits.

GESSNER also offers filter solutions that combine a cellulose media with synthetic and/or glass fibers to achieve the best possible filtration performance. They are designed to achieve even higher efficiencies due to their media structure. 

GESSNER's fully synthetic oil filter media is composed of wet-laid synthetic fibers, which can be reinforced with a Naltex™ netting for additional pleat support. This media structure ensures better processing and superior stability due to the media composition, which provides improved capacity and efficiency and allows for longer drain intervals. In addition, our fully synthetic oil filter media provides improved oil flow which not only results in increased filter efficiency but also ensures optimized component protection even under extreme conditions.



Naltex™ netting is a pleat support material used in oil filter elements, helping to protect and extend their lifespan, especially when using synthetic filter medias. It provides structural support to the lengthwise folds of synthetic media, allowing for more pleats per inch while increasing air flow. This pleat support works by extending the filter's ability to capture more dirt and particles, leading to a more efficient filtration process. Naltex™ netting is specifically designed to be lightweight, yet strong and durable for the toughest of environments.



  • different composite materials available - from 100% cellulose to 100% synthetic
  • increased efficiency through low diameter polyester
  • increased dust holding capacity (DHC) 
  • grades are available in plain or corrugated 
  • FSC® certification for cellulose-based media available

Tailormade grades: Customized solutions for highest performance and efficiency


In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, the demand for innovative and efficient solutions is constantly growing. Our tailormade grades are designed to meet the specific requirements for each individual customer, offering a range of product features that deliver exceptional performance under challenging conditions.

High Temperature &
Chemical Resistance Oil Media


Our grades can be enhanced with polyester-reinforced grades to withstand high temperatures and ensure chemical resistance. Cellulose polyester blends are equipped with phenolic and epoxy resins to achieve the highest filtration performance even in harsh and corrosive environments. With their robust construction and condition-matched media design, our oil filter media offer unparalleled durability, making our products a reliable choice for a variety of automotive and industrial applications.

High Efficiency


By using low diameter polyester and micro glass fibers, we have significantly increased the efficiency of our products. This advanced technology ensures that our media performs at its best, delivering consistent and reliable results.

High Dust Holding Capacity


One of the outstanding features of our oil filter media grades is their high dust holding capacity (DHC) driven by our innovative gradient density technology. This means the filter can be used for a longer period without needing to be replaced, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Our oil filter media are therefore characterized by their high DHC combined with high efficiency in a diverse range of operating conditions and an extended service life.




  • 100% cellulose paper saturated with phenolic resins to be used as standard oil filter media
  • Cellulose media with synthetic fibers to be used as filter media with high dust holding capacity (DHC)
  • Cellulose media with synthetic & glass fibers to be used as filter media with high dust holding capacity (DHC) and efficiency 
  • 100% synthetic fibers to be used as filter media
  • Naltex™ nettings to be used as pleat support