cellulose based wet-laid materials

Using inclined and flat wire paper machines, we produce a further range of products - technical special papers. Alongside selected cellulose fibres, we use synthetic, glass or carbon fibres to give further special properties, such as strength.
With creping technology, we can achieve different surface characteristics, from very fine to very rough crepe profiles, and with various stretch properties.
Depending on requirements, we can produce weights of 18 – 250g/m² and air permeabilities of 1 – 2000 l/m²/s. 


FSC® certified materials

Our media are also available with FSC® certification
The FSC® certification stands for sustainable forest management - the careful use of resources. In our case, cellulose, which we use for most of our products.
Through this certification, we ensure that for FSC® products only celluloses are used, which are produced and processed under the strict FSC® rules.
Thus, we support our customers in their efforts to produce products with the FSC® label.
For more information, see www.fsc.org

our latest news related to wet-laid cellulose materials


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If you want to protect high-class surfaces from scratches, dust and dirt in a sustainable way – you better reach out to us and explore our 100% cellulose paper packaging solution with a very soft feel.
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100% cellulose based GESSNER® engine air filter medium with up to double dust holding capacity at high face velocity

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Decreasing space under the hood and the increasing volumes of air needed by engines today mean that highly specialized filter media with high dust holding capacity (DHC) are required!

Neenah Filtration has developed a GESSNER® medium for engine air…

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Optimized ultrasonic welding advantages for paper-made products plus optimal curing properties by an asymmetric saturation process

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For converters of paper-made products with an ultrasonic welding machine Neenah Filtration has developed a material that supports the advantages of these machineries. The asymmetric saturation technology by Neenah Filtration provides a superior…

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