Step into the cutting-edge world of textiles and decor with us. Explore our selection of elastic nonwoven fabrics, TPU carrier materials poised to transform your products, and advanced synthetic decor materials.

At GESSNER, we are proud to offer stretchable and elastic meltblown fabrics, but also decorative synthetic papers with unique properties that represent an exciting advancement in these industries through their improved performance and versatile design possibilities.


Innovative Solutions For Textiles Applications

Stretchable and resilient meltblown materials are driving innovation in the textile sector. They enable the production of adaptable garments and fabrics that mold to different shapes, offering unparalleled comfort and durability. The unique properties of these materials, such as their high stretchability and elasticity, allow them to meet diverse demands and needs.

Navigate through the world of innovative nonwoven textiles with GESSNER. Whether you're in the business of fashion or interior design, our materials are here to elevate your end products to new heights. Get inspired by the possibilities that come with enhanced performance and sophisticated design options.


GESSNER's TPU Carrier Material: The Conscious Alternative to Natural Leather

The realm of renewable and recyclable alternatives to natural leather is experiencing rapid growth. Particularly in the sphere of synthetic materials, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) has emerged as a top choice for manufacturing faux leather. Artificial leather finds extensive applications in industries such as automotive and textiles. We are proud that Gessner's sustainable TPU carrier materials are leading the way in this innovative shift. Blending functionality with ecological responsibility, we provide materials that not only meet but exceed industry standards.


The Future of Decorative Materials

Transform the way you approach interior design with our synthetic decor materials. From unique textures to versatile structures, our nonwoven solutions provide the flexibility and creative freedom to push design boundaries. Ideal for a variety of applications, our materials offer unparalleled properties that set a new benchmark for the decor industry.

Our nonwoven materials bring remarkable advantages to the decor industry by offering unique structural versatility for a wide range of uses, innovative textures that enhance aesthetic appeal, and sublime flexibility and adaptation that enable effortless customization to meet diverse design requirements. Our nonwoven solutions open up new possibilities for creative and functional designs by offering unique structure, texture and flexibility coming a long with many other properties that traditional materials often cannot match.