As the reduction of plastic is currently one of the most important topics and legal measures are now even demanding the restriction and in some countires already a ban on single-use plastic, we have developed the solution for sustainable and environment friendly material wrapping for form-fit packaging of pallets.

Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic with Our High-Strength, Water-Repellent StretchWrap


Our base paper is made from certified sustainable pulp and can be used as a replacement for plastic film in packaging applications. It is available with up to 20% elongation in the machine direction and 8% crosswise.

Our material is recyclable as it is made from 100% certified sustainable pulp fibers. With our excellent stretch in machine direction of up to 20%, you can pack your products in a way that keeps them securely in place on the pallets for safe transportation.
In addition, we can apply bio-coatings to create additional barrier properties.

Our StretchWrap's Triumphant Test Results Across Turnable, Automatic, and Hand Wrappers


Our sustainable stretch wrap material has been put through rigorous application tests, and the results have been overwhelmingly successful. Our StretchWrap was test on 3 different wrappers:

  • Turntable wrapper
  • Automatic wrapper
  • Hand wrapper

The broad range of applications collectively highlighted the material's high efficiency and flexibility across various wrapping applications, positioning itself as a powerful alternative to traditional stretch films. The tests demonstrated the material's ease of use, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience under different conditions.

Since our paper has a higher fiber strength, less material is needed per pallet than a thinner plastic film with lower tear strength, of which more is needed to wrap a pallet for sufficient protection. The same weight of packaging material is produced - even though our material is slightly heavier than conventional stretch film, less of it is required due to its high tensile strength.

Our innovative StretchWrap paper has been designed so that it can be used on conventional turntable, automatic and hand wrappers. Depending on the thickness of the grade, there is a small adjustment that requires a fixation of the end, for which there are various solutions on the market that allow you to upgrade your wrapper with an adhesive tape application or a glue applicator.

These successful application runs signify a crucial step forward in our mission to replace traditional stretch films with sustainable packaging materials. With our stretch wrap material, we are offering more than just a product; we are delivering a promise of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.



  • Raw paper based on certified pulp
  • Can be used for wrapping applications to substitute plastic films
  • Elongation in MD 15% in CD 8% or in MD 20% in CD 8%
  • Recyclable
  • We can apply coatings to get barrier properties

Water repellant effect for additional protection


In addition, we offer an impregnation of our StretchWrap with a 100% natural coating to create a water-repellence effect. This protects the wrapped goods from rain, splash water and moisture.

The coating has no influence whatsoever on the adhesion of the paper, which means no changes in application or handling. Due to its 100% natural composition, the water-repellent coating has no impact on the recyclability of the paper. This guarantees maximum performance with all sustainability benefits.

StretchWrap in Application

Reimagine Sustainability:
Our Recyclable StretchWrap Reduces CO2 Footprint by 60%


Our StretchWrap is fully recyclable and can therefore be returned to the recycling loop adding new value. As it consists of 100% natural fibers without synthetic components, our StretchWrap can be completely recycled with the wastepaper after usage.

The water-repellent coating does not affect the recyclability of our paper either, as it consists of 100% natural components. This means that the entire product remains natural in its composition and therefore has a very low CO2 footprint compared to conventional stretch films.

Based on the fact that no recycled fibers can be used in the production of our paper in order to guarantee tear resistance means that StretchWrap is of very high value as a secondary material for reprocessing in the recycling cycle.

The carbon footprint of our stretch film alternative is around 60% lower than that of conventional plastic stretch films with a half-recycled share. Embrace the future of packaging with our eco-friendly, weather-resistant solution.

As we meet the Eumos standard for safe transportation with our StretchWrap, you don't have to compromise between protecting your goods and preserving the planet.




Stretch wrap for

  • palettes
  • products directly
  • ... and many more