Apertured Films - Delnet™

Our Delnet™ apertured films are a lightweight, nonwoven material made from a unique extrusion, embossing and orientation process.

We manufacture geometric apertured films from Polypropylene, Polyethylene, TPX , ECTFE and co-extrusions under the Delnet brand. Delnet Apertured Films, have a mesh-type configuration, made from a unique extrusion, embossing, and orientation process. By varying the process parameters, an infinite variety of configurations can be created to meet our customers’ requirements. Tensile strength, product weight, chemical formulation, hole size, and geometry, are just some of the features that can be customized to meet your application and market requirements. The Delnet™ line of apertured films can also be co-extruded to serve as adhesive bonding layers. Delnet is used for cost-effective  bonding layer in a laminating process often bonding dissimilar materials together using A/B or A/B/A layers with different processing windows. Delnet™ can be used as the non adherent layer on a finger bandage, a dust release layer on a reusable filter, a pleat support layer for pleated filters and a pleat/drainage layer on liquid filters.

Delnet™ provide support across several air and liquid filtration applications including microelectronics due to its uniformity and cleanliness. They typically help support and separate delicate media, while offering controlled porosity that enhances even, turbulent flow in tight pleat packs while improving filter efficiency. Delnet™ is also used as pleat support for cartridge filters.