Efforts to continually reduce fuel consumption have led to dramatic developments in fuel injection systems. Increasing injection pressures requires significantly improved filter performance. Alongside higher particle removal efficiencies, removal of water plays a decisive role in reducing wear in the injection system.

To meet these demands, GESSNER combines impregnated filter media with micro-fibre polyester meltblowns. The impregnated filter media assures easy converting by the customer, maintains a stiff and stable pleat pack, achieves high efficiencies for particle removal and resists the ingress of water droplets. The meltblown layer guarantees high dust holding capacity and enhances water shedding. Depending on individual customer requirements, filter media can be specially developed with resin systems having hydrophobic or hydrophylic properties. 




Our standard gasoline in-tank and in-line filter media are designed to maximize fuel cleanliness. The filter media is composed of high quality standard papers saturated with phenolic resins, providing you with optimal performance for your fuel filters. We offer a range of plain and corrugated grades for our standard gasoline in-tank and in-line filters. This provides maximum surface area for efficient filtration, ensuring that your fuel stays cleaner for longer. Our grades are designed to provide superior filtration efficiency, helping to reduce the risk of engine damage caused by dirt or debris. 
In-tank filters are lifetime filters, meaning they are never changed. For added confidence, some of our customers are using paper PBT meltblown combinations, providing a higher dirt holding capacity. This ensures that your fuel stays cleaner and more efficient, providing you with reliable performance for longer.

The Diesel standard pre-filter media is the perfect choice for those looking to protect their fuel pump. The initial efficiency requirements are 20 - 60% @>4µm, giving you the assurance that you're getting reliable protection. The Diesel Standard Filter Media is designed to provide fuel water separation, making sure that your fuel pump is being protected from water contamination. Our media is crafted to provide superior fuel water separation capabilities, giving you the assurance that your fuel pump is safe and secure.

Our Diesel standard main filter media is designed to protect your injection nozzles and ensure optimal fuel efficiency. The production tolerances of these nozzles are as small as 2-3µm and the pressure inside them can reach up to 2500-3000 bar. Our innovative filter media ensures that your injection nozzles are protected from any dirt and debris that can cause clogging and reduce fuel efficiency. Our Diesel Standard Filter Media is designed to help increase efficiency without lowering service intervals. We use paper Meltblown (PBT) combinations as a standard for diesel filter applications, that your fuel is filtered and pure. This helps to reduce the need for frequent maintenance and keeps your fuel system running optimally for longer. The Diesel Standard filter media also protects against water contaimination in fuel, which can be a severe issue for the engine. With our innovative filter media, you can keep your fuel system safe and protected from any water or debris.

Keep your diesel engines running smoothly with our high efficient filter media solutions. Our filter filter media for high efficiency use a three layer composition that provides initial efficiencies up to 99.95% at particles greater than 4µm. The micro-glass used in our filter elements helps to reach the highest possible efficiencies while still retaining DHC. Our filter medias are designed to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. The three layer construction is the result of direct dialogue with our customers to address their concerns about health hazards and abrasive behavior of glass fibers. Our media can be converted on standard lines and we have a toolbox setup to offer tailor-made solutions. Our filter media provide a smooth and abrasion resistant solution for your diesel engines. The micro-glass layer is sandwiched between the meltblown and base paper layer, providing a sturdy and reliable filter element for your engine.


Naltex™ pleat support for fuel filter media provides superior protection and performance than conventional pleating processes. This unique pleat support system is designed to increase the lifespan of fuel filters. 



  • high efficiencies up to 99.95% @ 4micron
    (according to ISO 19438)
  • excellent diesel-water-separation
  • high durability 
  • highest requirements achieved by using glass fiber media 
  • sandwiched multi layer solutions prevent glass shedding 
  • cure and non cure filter media 
  • can be pleated on rotary and knife pleater