Expertly Crafted Filters - Ensuring Safety and Comfort with Active Carbon Media


Enhanced with an active carbon layer, our filter media stands out for its exceptional ability to absorb harmful gases, odors, and volatile organic compounds. This translates into a significantly cleaner air circulation within your vehicle, making each journey more pleasant and comfortable. Our filter media is carefully designed to capture particles in the sub-micron range, ensuring that the air you breathe in your cabin is clean, pure, and safe. Moreover, our meltblown nonwoven filter media is enhanced with an electrostatic charge, consistently delivering high efficiencies and top-tier air filtration. Crafted for durability, our filter media retains its particle capturing prowess over an extended period, promising steady performance and enduring benefits.

The integration of active carbon to our cabin air filter medias amplifies their effectiveness. This enhancement results in a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant environment within your vehicle, transforming every journey into a delightful experience. Experience the difference with our Cabin Air Filter Media with Active Carbon - where clean air and comfort coexist.

Our filter media, suitable for standard pleating processes like knife-pleating and rotary pleating, offers an unmatched level of adaptability. We can adjust the absorption capacity for typical gases such as NOx and SO2 by simply modifying the amount and type of activated carbon used. This customization ensures that the filter media aligns perfectly with your required specifications.
It's also highly effective in reducing dust, pollen, soot, and other particles, contributing to a significantly cleaner and healthier environment within the vehicle. With its ability to efficiently filter harmful respirable particulates, it further enhances the air quality, making the driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
Boasting a steady electrostatic charge, our filter media allows for low pressure drops while maintaining stable efficiencies. This feature ensures an optimal balance between performance and energy efficiency.
We understand that different vehicles have different needs. That's why our product portfolio is designed to comply with various requirements, providing a solution for every vehicle.
Our filter media is built to last. It has a long lifetime and maintains stable particle capturing capabilities over time, ensuring consistent performance and long-lasting benefits. Experience the difference with our adaptable, efficient, and durable filter media.


The advantages of activated carbon filter medias:

  • Superior Adsorption: Thanks to its porous structure, active carbon has a large surface area, making it excellent at adsorbing harmful gases, odors, and pollutants from the air.

  • Effective VOC Removal: VOCs are harmful chemicals that can be released from various sources inside and outside of the vehicle. Our filter media with active carbon effectively eliminates these compounds, enhancing the air quality inside the cabin.

  • Odor Neutralization: Active carbon neutralizes unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, and other odors, ensuring a pleasant environment inside your vehicle.

  • Allergen Protection: Our cabin air filter medias with active carbon also help reduce allergens in the air, contributing to the comfort and health of passengers who may suffer from allergies.

  • Enhanced Air Quality: By filtering out harmful substances and odors, active carbon contributes to a significant improvement in the air quality inside the vehicle, making customers' driving experience more pleasant and comfortable.


cabin air filter media with active carbon

Features & Benefits


  • suitable for standard pleating processes like knife-pleating & rotary pleating 
  • by choosing the amount & type of activated carbon, we're able to adjust the absorption of typical gases such as NOx und SO2 due to required specifications
  • reduction of dust, pollen, soot, and other particles
  • high efficient filtering of harmful respirable particulates
  • media steady with electrostatic charge for low pressure drops at stable efficiencies 
  • product portfolio complies with various needs 
  • long lifetime with stable particle capturing