Triboelectric filter media use electrostatic energy to capture and remove particles from the air. This type of media is made from synthetic fibers that are charged with electricity, which attracts and traps microscopic particles such as dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander. The electric charge also helps keep these pollutants in the filter until it needs to be replaced. Compared to traditional non-electrostatic filters, electrostatic filters can capture a greater variety of pollutants more efficiently and with less energy consumption. Furthermore, their efficiency does not degrade over time like other types of filters can. Electrostatic filter media also provides healthier indoor air quality since it captures even micron-sized particles that are too small for regular filters to remove. Additionally, they are often treated with an anti-bacterial coating that helps reduce allergens and bacteria in the air. 



Our Alphastar™ Electrostatic Media sets a new standard in the filtration market with performance characteristics that remain unrivaled. This innovative media is crafted from a proprietary blend of fibers, which are carded and needled into a fully homogenous material. The result is an exceptional electrostatic media, designed specifically for air filtration.

Alphastar™ utilizes triboelectric media to deliver higher efficiency and lower resistance compared to similar products on the market. This unique electrostatic filter media works like a magnet, capturing and retaining particles through electrostatic action, ensuring superior air purity.

Moreover, Alphastar™ offers flexibility, as it can be combined with various layers of material for desired product enhancements. Its high dust loading capacity and low pressure drop make it an ideal choice for a range of applications, including pre and post motor filters for vacuum cleaners, cabin air filters, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) units, breathing circuitry, HVAC furnace, and industrial filters.

Air filters play a critical role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of CPAP units and medical facemasks. They prevent pathogens from entering the airway and ensure clean and safe air circulation. To further enhance filtration efficiency, we also offer a range of meltblown media, made from various polymers such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PBT), and Polyamide (PA).




  • Stable Electrostatic Charging
  • High Performance-to-weight ratios
  • Various Needling Configurations
  • Weights Ranging between 20 to 1000 gsm
  • Widths up to 90 inches (229cm)
  • Fully Incinerable


Discussing the Origins of Alphastar™ Triboelectric Nonwoven

Historically, our Alphastar™ electrostatic nonwoven were supplied by corporations such as SWM International and DelStar Technologies. However, following the 2022 merger of SWM & Neenah to become Mativ, these materials have now become products under the GESSNER umbrella, a brand of Mativ.




  • Alphastar™ AWS1100 for a Merv 11 resistance
  • Alphastar™ AWS1301 for a Merv 13LR resistance
  • Alphastar™ AWS1300 for a Merv 13 resistance


You can find our Alphastar™ Thermal Bonded Media in these applications

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