Electrostatic Media - Needle Punch - Alphastar™

Our Alphastar™ Electrostatic Media boasts performance characteristics currently unmatched in the filtration market. Its proprietary fiber blend is carded and needled into a fully homogenous material, making it an ideal electrostatic media for air filtration. Triboelectric media produces higher efficiency with lower resistance when compared to similar products. This unique electrostatic filter media is designed to capture and maintain particles through electrostatic action which acts like a magnet.

Alphastar can be combined with various layers of material for desired product enhancement. This unique nonwoven is ideally suited for air filtration applications. It exhibits high dust loading capacity with low pressure drop for vacuum cleaner pre and post motor filters, cabin air filters, CPAP units, Breathing circuitry and HVAC furnace and industrial filters. 

Air filters are vital components in keeping a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) unit running safely, without introducing pathogens into the airway and medical facemasks in general. We also offer a variety of highly efficient meltblown media, made of many different polymers (PP, PBT, PA).   


Alphastar™ Benefits


  • Stable Electrostatic Charging
  • High Performance-to-weight ratios
  • Various Needling Configurations
  • Weights Ranging between 20 to 1000 gsm
  • Widths up to 90 inches (229cm)
  • Fully Incinerable


Alphastar™ ASHRAE Grades


  Alphastar™ Grade   Resistance
   AWS1100   Merv 11
   AWS1301   Merv 13LR
   AWS1300   Merv 13



You can find our Alphastar™ Themal Bonded Media in these applications