For 70 years Naltex™ Extruded Netting, our premier diamond net, has delivered high-performance results in environments needing filtration, separation, and protection. GESSNER with its netting solution Naltex™ is a leading supplier for filter elements. Our premium quality nettings are designed to provide superior performance in a range of filtration industries, including automotive, industrial processes, food & beverage, air & liquid. Used as pleat support, membrane support, permeate carrier, flow enhancement, screening layer, and feed spacers our high-performance products are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals and abrasion while still providing maximum filtration efficiency.

Naltex™ nettings feature a lightweight construction that enables users to achieve greater surface areas without increasing weight or compromising strength and durability. These materials can be used as pleat supports, providing customers with the necessary support structure for their filter media. This additional layer of protection ensures optimum performance by preventing clogging or blockage from occurring within the filters. With these specialized netting products from GESSNER, customers can enjoy improved results in their filtration processes while also reducing costs associated with waste removal and product contamination.


Naltex™ Diamond Netting is an extruded, diamond, bi-planar mesh netting with bonded strand intersections. It is widely utilized in many filtration applications and industries. 

As a pleat support, Naltex™ diamond nettings are used for many liquid & air filtration applications. It’s bi-planer structure provides defined flow channels that prevent pleats from pinching to increase the lifespan of any pleated filter. We offer many polymer options such as Nylon, Polyester, and fluoropolymers for high temperature and harsh chemical applications.

In Water Filtration applications Naltex™ diamond nettings act as membrane support feed spacers that offer improved pressure drop & flux within reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF).



Naltex™ Diamond Netting is an industry-leading diamond netting technology and can be used as a pleat support for many liquid & air filtration applications. It’s bi-planer structure provides defined flow channels that prevent pleats from pinching to increase the lifespan of any pleated filter.
We offer many polymer options such as Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, and fluoropolymers for high temperature and harsh chemical applications.


Naltex™ Feed Spacers support and protect thin film composite (TFC) membranes in RO and other spiral wound dairy and water filtration element. They improve the performance through optimized channeling that enhances fluid flow which reduces pressure requirements. Our customizable strand alignment achieves the turbulence needed to protect and maintain system membranes. Used in nearly all TFC membrane filtration applications, ranging from home drinking water to waste water and industrial process to food & beverage and medical filtration.

We provide a full line of custom-designed Naltex™ feed spacers with varying geometries, specialty resins and optimal flow characteristics to meet your flow geometry, temperature, structural and manufacturing requirements.


Naltex™ Extruded Cages & Cores are ideal for support, containment and separation. They provide strength and rigidity to protect delicate media. Manufactured following a similar process as our extruded netting.
They are compatible with other materials and tailored to specific requirements.

Naltex™ Extruded Sleeves can be supplied in cut lengths and are available in unique styles that provide different levels of protection.

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  • Thicknesses from 0.006” - 0.200” and 0.15 - 5.08 mm
  • Width up to 102” and 260 cm
  • Hole Size up to 100+ microns and 4+ mils
  • Strand Density up to 100/in and 250/cm
  • Cage & Sleeve Diameter ¼”- 24” and 6.3 - 610 mm
  • Polymer Toolbox: PP, PE, PA, PBT, TPE, PPS, PVDF, etc.
  • Product Certifications: FDA, NSF, USP Class VI, CFR 21, USDA
  • Optional Custom Services: Cutting, slitting, sheeting, laminating, slabbing, die-cutting, calendaring, tantric charging, orientation, heat-sealing, button-sealing, rewinding, custom packaging
  • Global production sites
  • Long standing experience & know-how

Discussing the Origins of Naltex™ Diamond Nettings & Conwed™ Square Nettings

Historically, our nettings were supplied by corporations such as SWM International, DelStar Technologies, and Conwed. However, following the 2022 merger of SWM & Neenah to become Mativ, these materials have now become products under the GESSNER umbrella, a brand of Mativ.





  • Air Filtration
    Naltex™ is used as recyclable and incinerable support layer for cabin air filters & high efficiency HVAC systems
  • Transportation Filtration
    In filter elements, our extruded nettings, tubes & cores provide support in demanding liquid filters
  • Industrial Processes
    In Process Filtration GESSNER provides a wide range of filtration pleat support and outer sleeve options that withstand high temperatures & are compatible with many fluids
  • Water Filtration
    to be used as mebrane support feed spacer that offer improved pressure drop & flux within reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF) and other spiral wound elements.


You can find our Naltex™ nettings in these applications