Thermal Bonded Nonwoven


Thermal Bond Media is a web of Bicomponent fibers bonded together by a thermal through-air bonding process..

Delpore™ Thermal Bond media is produced using a variety of different sized fibers to optimize the filters performance in efficiency, pressure loss and  dust holding capacity. This produces a consistent structure that satisfies the needs of HVAC media for industrial and medical applications.

We offer thermal bonded media for filters rated from Merv 8 - Merv11 and we offer our Meltblown solutions for higher MERV ratings.

Our Grades: 

DPM7 Merv 7 air filter media
DPM8 Merv 8 air filter media
DPM8SS Self Support Merv 8 air filter media
DPM10 Merv 10 air filter media


Delpore™ (ASHRAE)

   Delpore™ Grade   Basis Weight   Resistance   Penetration
   DPB650-115PGRN   115   0.5   20
   DPB850-115PPNK   115   1.7   7
   DPB950-115PYEL   115   2.5   2.5
   DPM8   Merv 8 ASHRAE Wire Support
   DPM8ESS   Merv 8 ASHRAE Self Support Media