Air filtration plays an important role in improving air quality and reducing the levels of environmental pollutants, both indoors and outdoors. Air filtration works by trapping particulate matter like dust and dirt, which can be harmful to our health when inhaled. The result is cleaner, healthier air that is free from dangerous contaminants. GESSNER air filter media nonwoven & nettings provide a number of benefits, including improved air quality, cleaner indoor air, and healthier air for both people and machines. This allows you to enjoy cleaner air while also improving the performance and efficiency of your machine.

HVAC, Air Purification & Air Pollution Control

NeenahPure®, Delpore™, and Alphastar™

NeenahPure®, Alphastar™, and Delpore™ - our filter media solution for HVAC and Air Purifier filter elements

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning – Pure and healthy air is widely requested and required in industrial, residential, and professional applications. Air Purifiers filter out contaminants from the indoor air in residential and commercial settings. The rising pollution level and increasing airborne diseases require a high efficient filter media.

We produce meltblown and triboelectric nonwoven media for pocket and pleated filter. With no harmful fiber shedding our media allow for a safe and healthy environment. We offer a broad filter media portfolio according to EN779:2002, EN779:2012, and ISO 16890. Additionally, filter media are being developed based on individual needs and customer requirements regarding efficiency, energy consumption or filter lifetime. Our electrostatically charged NeenahPure® and Delpore™ Meltblown media can reach efficiencies up to 99.9%. By applying electrostatic charge we can increases the efficiency significantly but still maintain a low pressure drop. We can offer a standard product portfolio but also develop tailor-made media specific to our customers’ needs.  

Our Alphastar™ Electrostatic Media boasts performance characteristics currently unmatched in the filtration market. Its proprietary fiber blend is carded and needled into a fully homogenous material, making it an ideal electrostatic media for air filtration. Triboelectric media produces higher efficiency with lower resistance when compared to similar products. This unique electrostatic filter media is designed to capture and maintain particles through electrostatic action which acts like a magnet.

Filter Media for Gas Turbine Air Intake

In harsh every environment, it's the most important to protect plants and machineries against the particles in the intake air. Our filter media help to remove particulate contaminants to prevent blade fouling and erosion and helps to keep the efficiency on a high level.

Our synthetic gas turbine filter media are F9 approved accoring to EN779:2012 and ePM1: 80% according to ISO 16890. Our very good pleatiability results in sharp pleats. Additionally, our media provide a good air permeability to efficiency ratio, offering higher efficiency at low pressure loss. The material can be used as a static medium but also for reverse pulse applications for high dust load environments. Gas Turbine media by Gessner are OEM approved but also available in the aftermarket.

Online failure detection systems and permeability control in the production line guarantee the high and reliable quality of this filter media

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Neenah Invests in Meltblown Capacity to Meet Increased Demand

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February 22, 2022 - Alpharetta, GA 
Neenah, Inc. (NYSE: NP), a leading global manufacturer of specialty materials focused on filtration media, specialty coatings, engineered materials, and imaging & packaging, announced a 25 million Euro investment…

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Our NeenahPure® special series made of polycarbonate meltblown provide low energy usage for your HVAC pleatable and bag filter elements

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Many meltblown media available for air filtration applications are made out of polypropylene (PP), even though other polymers such as polycarbonate can offer a lot of advantages and can diversify your filter portfolio. Our NeenahPure® polycarbonate…

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NeenahPure® - highly charged Meltblown media combines high efficiency with reduced energy consumption plus antimicrobial coatings

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Neenah Filtration’s NeenahPure® product range is the media solution for HVAC, Air Purification & Air Pollution Control filter elements to provide clean indoor air for a better protection.

The NeenahPure® highly charged Meltblown media increases…

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Antibacterial & antiviral coatings for air filtration applications

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What if there was a material on which viruses, bacteria & fungi die within hours?
What if we didn't have to worry about it indoors?
Regardless of the current COVID situation, clean air is a requirement that has always been important and is likely to…

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NeenahPure® - our HVAC filter media solution for clean air

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In a world where polluted air, virus particles, and bacteria are part of our daily lives it is important to protect ourselves from them. HVAC and Air Purifier filters play a key role in providing clean indoor air.  A high-quality filter media is…

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