Meltblown nonwovens offer several advantages due to their unique characteristics. 
They are highly effective in capturing and filtering particles. The fine fibers in the material create a dense and intricate network that can efficiently trap even small particles, making it suitable for applications such as air and liquid filtration. They provide excellent barrier properties. The dense structure of the fibers helps prevent the penetration of liquids, microorganisms, and other contaminants, making it ideal for protective apparel, surgical masks, and other barrier applications.Despite their high filtration efficiency, meltblown nonwovens can maintain good breathability. The fine fibers allow for the passage of air, making them comfortable to wear and suitable for applications where breathability is essential, such as face masks. Meltblown nonwovens can exhibit good absorbent properties. The fine fibers can quickly absorb liquids, making them useful in applications such as absorbent pads, wipes, and filtration media for oil filter elements. Meltblown nonwovens can be produced with different fiber sizes, densities, and compositions, allowing for versatility in meeting specific requirements across various industries. They can be combined with other materials or used as standalone products, offering flexibility in design and performance.

At GESSNER, we produce highest quality meltblown nonwoven fabrics. Our products are efficient, durable, and feature a large inner surface that supports mechanical deposition effects. This makes them perfect for a wide range of applications, including air & liquid filter media, acoustics, food & beverage, face masks & respirators, wound care, but also stretchable & elastic textile applications.




Meltblown technology is a powerful tool in the production of extremely fine, high-efficiency filter media. The size of a meltblown fiber, with a diameter less than 10µm, is significantly finer than a human hair, which measures 120µm in diameter, or a cellulose fiber at about 50µm. This level of precision gives meltblown media an edge over other filtration materials.

The manufacturing process starts with a thermoplastic synthetic material that is melted and pushed through an extruder filled with numerous microscopic nozzles. As the filaments exit the nozzles, they are blown by hot air while still semi-melted, expanding them into ultra-fine, continuous fibers within mere milliseconds.

This advanced dry-laid process allows GESSNER to produce media with weights varying from 15 – 400 gsm. Additionally, the meltblown can be applied directly to a carrier media such as cellulose or spunbond, creating combination media in one efficient step.

Our Meltblown media offers customization options with different polymers to meet specific customer needs. Our machinery is capable of processing a wide range of materials including Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PBT), Polycarbonate (PC), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), Polyactic acid (PLA), and various other thermoplastics.

Furthermore, we offer a broad spectrum of optional features like variable grammage, fiber diameters, surface properties, elongation, resistances (to solvents and temperature), electrostatic charge, FDA conformance, anti-bacterial properties, and UV-resistance. These options provide our customers with the flexibility to tailor the media to their specific requirements.

With our Meltblown Technology, we not only provide customized solutions for our clients but also offer our existing product ranges suitable for a variety of applications. We are committed to delivering high-quality, efficient, and tailored filtration solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.






  • Fiber diameters between 0.5 - 10 microns​
  • Basis weights: from 15 gsm to 400 gsm 
  • Polymer tooldbox (PP, PBT, PC, TPU, PLA)
  • Two forms of electrostatic treatment​
  • In-line adhesive bonding, surfactant coating, collation​
  • Calendar​
  • Lamination




  • Delpore™ meltblown nonwoven
  • Stretchable & elastic meltblown nonwoven for textiles, food & beverage, and medical applications
  • NeenahPure™ meltblown nonwoven to be used for air filtration applications, such as HVAC & Air Purifier
  • NeenahGuard™ meltblown nonwoven to be used for face mask applications, such as FFP, respirator, and surgical masks
  • NeenahSilence™ meltblown nonwoven to be used for acoustic applications in automotive and indoor



Meltblown Nonwoven for Air Filtration

GESSNER’s NeenahPure™ product range is our highly-charged meltblown media solution for HVAC, Air Purification & Air Pollution Control filter elements to provide clean indoor air for a better protection.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Pleatable and Bag Filters

At GESSNER, we firmly believe in going beyond the conventional. While our standard portfolio caters to a broad range of needs, we understand that every client has unique requirements that demand customized solutions. In response to this, we offer tailor-made solutions designed to meet individual specifications in terms of performance and runability.

Benefits of our NeenahPure™:

  • Covering all efficiencies from ePM10 50% to ePM1 80% as per ISO 16890 standards, and M5-F9 according to EN779:2012
  • Superior Charging Technology
  • Stable Efficiency
  • Long-term Charging Stability
  • Antimicrobial Coatings


Learn more about our NeenahPure™


Meltblown Nonwoven for Acoustic & Indoor Filtration

Our NeenahSilence™ meltblown nonwovens are a great way to reduce external as well as in-vehicle noise and improve comfort in automotive applications. 

Crafted from a range of polymers, our nonwovens can be customized to deliver superior performance, offering a perfect balance of high airflow resistance and exceptional sound absorption. In the final production stage, an additional adhesive can be applied to the scrim, further optimizing functionality and durability.

Recyclabiltiy due to Grade Purity

The absolute grade purity of the adhesives and carrier materials ensures that the end product is fully recyclable. This enables seamless reintegration of these materials into the raw material supply chain at the end of the product life cycle.

Benefits of our NeenahSilence™:

  • Tunable Absorption
  • Improved passenger comfort and in-car sound design
  • Recyclability due to grade purity
  • Thermal stability in further processing
  • High thermal insulation
  • Direct adhesive application
  • Lightweight solution


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Meltblown Nonwoven for Face Mask & Respiratory

Our NeenahGurad™ product range includes FFP1 to FFP3 classifications, meeting stringent EN149 standards reaching efficiency rates as high as 99.95%, and also complies with NIOSH 95 and 99 requirements.

Our NeenahGuard™ media have a very good breathability, making them perfect for medical applications. While a single layer of our meltblown media delivers perfect filtration performance, we also offer composite options that include spunbond layers.

Benefits of our NeenahGurad™:

  • FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 according to EN149
  • BFE >99% acc. to DIN EN 14683
  • NIOSH 95 and 99
  • Tested for cytotoxicity acc. to EN ISO 10993-5:2009
  • Very good breathability
  • Suitable for medical applications
  • Single Meltblown layer or composite with spunbond


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