Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) filters are medical devices used in conjunction with mechanical ventilation to ensure the air inhaled by patients is adequately humidified and filtered.
They play a vital role in preventing harmful contaminants such as bacteria and viruses from entering a patient's airway. By doing so, they reduce the risk of infections, which is particularly important in vulnerable patients in ICU settings or those undergoing surgery under general anesthesia.



Our advanced filter medias made of cellulose are meticulously engineered for integration with widely-utilized respiratory treatment devices. They play an essential role in safeguarding patients by filtering out harmful bacteria and viruses before they can compromise the patient’s respiratory system. This proactive measure is instrumental in thwarting the spread of infections within healthcare environments.
Moreover, our venting filter medias significantly limit the dispersion of infectious agents from patients to the surrounding atmosphere, thereby affording additional protection to medical professionals and other patients alike.
Crafted from premium-quality cellulose our filter medias excel in moisture retention, ensuring a fine balance of wet and dry pressure drop while enhancing humidity capacity. The adaptability of our filter media allows for further modifications such as slitting, corrugating, and pleating, making them perfectly suited for hygroscopic condenser humidifiers (HCH) and HME applications.

Our filter medias are designed with versatility at the forefront, ensuring they can be effectively utilized across a wide array of clinical settings and patient scenarios: In the high-pressure environment of Operating Rooms (OR) and Intensive Care Units (ICU), our filter medias play an indispensable role. They work seamlessly with complex medical equipment to safeguard patient health, ensuring that the air patients breathe is free from harmful bacteria and viruses. During procedures involving general anesthesia, our filter medias provide an added layer of protection. They ensure the air that patients inhale is not just oxygen-rich but also clean and safe, significantly reducing the risk of postoperative complications related to infections. Mechanically ventilated patients, whether in hospital ICUs or at home, particularly benefit from our filter medias. By ensuring the air these patients breathe is adequately humidified and filtered, our products help prevent respiratory complications and enhance the effectiveness of mechanical ventilation. Our filter medias also find crucial application within chronic care facilities and for home-based care. Here, they help protect against the spread of airborne diseases, contributing to a safer and healthier care environment. This is especially important for patients with compromised immune systems who are more susceptible to infections. Post-laryngectomy patient management presents its unique challenges, and our filter medias rise to this occasion as well. They form an integral part of the care protocol, helping maintain clean and humidified airways, thereby promoting faster healing and recovery.




  • Precise widths available
  • 100% cellulose based raw material
  • Prevent transmission of infection
  • Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME)




  • cellulose filter media