The use of filter elements requires the combination of several components.
Rigid tubes are constructed using plastic mesh, which is used to provide an open surface area for trapping particulates as fluid passes through the element. Tubes are designed to house the core, helping to protect it from external forces and contaminates. Cages are then placed around the tube to help support the core while also providing additional structural integrity.
Each component plays an important role in helping maximize filtration performance and efficiency.



Our Conwed™ extruded rigid tube and cages are manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic material with integral joints. All of our extruded cylinder tubes have a square mesh netting configuration, and in comparison to seamed netting tubes, extruded cylinder tubes are stronger due to their consistent cylindrical shape, made in one single-step.

Extruded cylinder tubes are generally used to support, contain and separate. Most common applications are in filtration, where extruded cylinder tubes provide strength and rigidity to protect delicate filtration media. Our extruded tubes are manufactured following the same process as our Conwed™ extruded square netting.



  • Specialty cores, tubes and rods
  • Made from high performance engineering resin
  • Continuously extruded process
  • Precise drilling and machining capabilities
  • Different types of polymers available
  • Custom sizes and drilling
  • Precise tolerances
  • Core diameter range: 1/16” up to 12” 



Naltex™ Extruded Sleeves are meticulously designed for Parts Protection, offering an array of stretch and recovery properties to safeguard straight shafts or cylinders. These sleeves are tailored to your needs, available both in specific cut lengths and in a selection of five distinctive styles, each offering varying degrees of protection. Naltex™ Extruded Sleeves deliver unmatched durability and protection, ensuring your parts remain in pristine condition.

We prioritize quality and durability in all our products. Our machined parts are not only rust-proof but also designed with an extruded solution that resists damage caused by corrosion. This ensures the longevity of our parts and helps you avoid frequent replacements. Moreover, our products are incinerable, a feature that significantly reduces costs associated with the disposal of traditional wire support. This cost-effective option promotes sustainability while delivering top-notch performance. We understand that every operation has unique needs. That's why we offer a variety of resins that are compatible with aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. Whether your environment is harsh or gentle, our parts are designed to withstand the conditions. Our cages are available in a wide range of sizes, from ¼”- 24” and 6.3 - 610mm in diameter, and come in a variety of colors. This breadth of options allows you to choose the best fit for your specific needs. Our resins can be modified to meet any product and stretch profile, ensuring that you get a product tailored to your exact specifications.




  • Rust proof - extruded solution resistant to damage caused by corrosion
  • Incinerable - reduces costs associated with disposal of traditional wire support
  • Available in a variety of different resins compatible with aggressive chemicals & high temperatures
  • Cage from ¼”- 24” and 6.3 - 610mm in diameter and variety of colors
  • Resins can be modified to meet any product & stretch profile




  • Conwed™ Rigid Tubes 
  • Naltex™ Extruded Cages 
  • Naltex™ Extruded Sleeves


You can find our tubes, cages, and sleeves in these applications