Our premium quality nettings are designed to provide superior performance in a range of filtration industries, including automotive, industrial processes, food & beverage, air & liquid. Used as pleat support, membrane support, permeate carrier, flow enhancement, protective outerwrap, and feed spacers our high-performance products are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals and abrasion while still providing maximum filtration efficiency.


Our extruded Conwed™ square netting is manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic netting material with integral joints. Our resins and formulations vary depending on the final product application and the performance requirements set by our customers

Conwed™ Square Netting products are manufactured via a continuous extrusion process that yields plastic net featuring an integral joint for stability. In a secondary process, Conwed™ nets can be oriented to provide a lightweight but high strength netting for containment and reinforcement. We use a variety of resins to meet our customers’ application requirements to ensure superior protection, containment and separation.


Used in Reverse Osmosis applications, Conwed™ extruded square nettings act to create turbulent flow on the outside of the membrane in order to reduce dead space where bacteria would typically grow and thrive. This innovative use of netting not only prevents bacterial growth but also enhances the overall efficiency of water filtration systems by maintaining a clean membrane surface for optimal filtration. The netting's robust structure and superior performance make it an invaluable component in these applications. Its design allows for excellent water flow while providing the necessary structural support to the membrane, ensuring its durability and longevity. Furthermore, the customizable nature of Conwed's extruded square nettings means they can be tailored to specific requirements, making them a versatile solution for a range of other industrial and consumer applications.



Square nettings from Conwed™ are perfect for use as screens in air filter elements, offering both protection and essential stabilization.
The durable structure of the netting reinforces the filter element, preserving its form and integrity even amidst fluctuating airflow circumstances. This stability guarantees reliable performance and extends the lifespan of the filter element. Whether it's HVAC systems, industrial filtration devices, or air purifiers, Conwed™ nettings provide the toughness and durability required to maintain your air filter elements stable and effective.




  • Symmetrical & non-symmetrical configurations​
  • Polymer-toolbox: PP, PE, Nylon, PBT, TPE, PPS, PVDF, etc.​
  • FDA approved resins
  • Available in different colors
  • Strand Density up to 44 Strands per Inch
  • Hole Size: 250 + microns

Discussing the Origins of Naltex™ Diamond Nettings & Conwed™ Square Nettings

Historically, our nettings were supplied by corporations such as SWM International, DelStar Technologies, and Conwed. However, following the 2022 merger of SWM & Neenah to become Mativ, these materials have now become products under the GESSNER umbrella, a brand of Mativ.




  • Supportive outerwrap for Reverse Osmosis applications
  • Protection & stabilization for filter elements, especially in HVAC applications


You can find our Conwed™ nettings in these applications