Antibacterial & antiviral coatings for air filter elements

What if there was a material on which viruses, bacteria & fungi die within hours?
What if we didn't have to worry about it indoors?
Regardless of the current COVID situation, clean air is a requirement that has always been important and is likely to become more and more important from now on.

With a special coating, it is possible to produce materials that support exactly that. Not only as a cabin air filter in the car or truck, but also indoors for pleatable HVAC and air purifier filters. GESSNER's fine fiber filtration solution NeenahPure™, made of a combination of Meltblown and Spunbond, is innovative and contemporary, e.g. an antiviral activity according to ISO 18184 with -99.92% after 2 hours and even 99.99% after 6 hour by an filtration efficiency of 99.5% (1µ SAE fine) and an air permeability of 850 l/m²/s.

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