Our NeenahPure™ special series for HVAC pleatable and bag filter elements

Made of polycarbonate meltblown providing low energy usage for your HVAC pleatable and bag filter elements

GESSNER's NeenahPure special series

Our NeenahPure special series is made of polycarbonate meltblown nonwoven, providing excellent low energy usage for your HVAC pleatable and bag filter elements. Our polycarbonate filter media is specifically developed for ePM10 50-60% (ISO16890), providing exceptional low pressure drop (flat sheet testing: 2Pa @5.3cm/s) and a high dust holding capacity. We are able to alter the composition of the media based on your needs.

Diversify Your Filter Portfolio

A significant number of meltblown media used in air filtration applications are primarily composed of polypropylene (PP). Recognizing the need for diversity and innovation in this field, we've developed our NeenahPure polycarbonate series. This range is meticulously designed to present an alternative to conventional PP-based media and offers a unique opportunity to broaden and diversify your filter portfolio.
Our NeenahPure polycarbonate meltblown media stands out due to its exceptional features. It's designed to consume significantly less energy compared to traditional filter media, aligning with global efforts towards energy conservation and sustainability.
Moreover, it boasts a high dust holding capacity (DHC), allowing it to trap and retain more particulates over an extended period. This feature not only enhances its filtration efficiency but also extends the product's lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to cost savings.
In essence, our NeenahPure polycarbonate series offers a compelling blend of performance, efficiency, and sustainability. By incorporating this range into your filter portfolio, you can offer a wider array of options to your customers, meeting diverse needs while upholding a commitment to environmental stewardship.


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Our NeenahPure™ series of polycarbonate meltblown media is designed to provide low energy usage and a high dust holding capacity for your HVAC pleatable and bag filter elements.


Our Features & Benefits


  • Made of polycarbonate meltblown nonwoven material

  • Specifically developed for ePM10 50-60% (ISO16890)

  • Altered composition based on customer needs

  • Excellent low energy usage for HVAC pleatable and bag filter elements
    Our NeenahPure™ polycarbonate series offers exceptional low energy usage, which can help reduce energy costs associated with HVAC filter upgrades.
  • High dust holding capacity
    With a high dust holding capacity, our polycarbonate meltblown media allows for a longer filter life and less frequent filter replacements, resulting in time and cost savings for our customers.
  • Exceptional low pressure drop
    Our polycarbonate filter media has been tested in flat sheet testing and has shown a low pressure drop of 2Pa @5.3cm/s. This means that our media can help maintain high airflow rates while still maintaining effective filtration, resulting in improved air quality and lower energy costs.