NeenahPure™ for Cabin Air Filtration - double efficiency while maintaining same air permeability than standard cabin air media

|   Meltblown

With increased levels of air pollution, there is a strong trend towards more efficient media due to high levels of particulate matter, soot, viruses and the associated allergies.

GESSNER has developed a highly charged meltblown media that offers the required high efficiency but also maintains the same air permeability than former media generations. Therefore, the final filter offers better filtration performance without using additional energy. The graph below shows our new generation NeenahPure™ media compared to an old generation. As shown in thegraph below, our new NeenahPure™ media achieves nearly double the efficiency than media types at comparable air permeabilities.  

Our excellent charging stability ensures that there are no significant efficiency losses even after the climate change test allowing for a long filter life time.
We offer efficiency ranges from 50% up to >99% (@KCL 0,3µm, 20cm/s) and our media are flame-retardant according to DIN 75200 and FMV SS 302.

GESSNER has a wide portfolio of different efficiencies and compositions and is qualified for OEM applications. We have been a reliable supplier of cabin air media for 30 years and also develop tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements.

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