Innovation in Oil Filter Media Technology - GESSNER's patented asymmetric saturation process

|   Saturation

Step into the future with our revolutionary two-sided filter media! Our innovative product is the perfect blend of curing and non-curing resins, offering unique characteristics that bring unparalleled advantages for both products and converters with two distinct properties in one single medium.

For filter manufacturers in the automotive industry, crafting precise and durable filter media is critical. The demands are high – the material must be rigid enough to withstand automated processing yet flexible enough to form intricate pleats without damage. GESSNER’s specialized saturation technique checks all these boxes and more.

Our asymmetrically saturated media exhibit superior rigidity and adaptability, extending unparalleled versatility and dependability.  By adjusting different resin systems within one medium, we can tailor our media to the exact specifications of our customers.

The potential for customization and enhanced product performance is huge, and we at GESSNER are excited to partner with you to explore these opportunities. We understand the uniqueness of each customer’s needs, and we’re ready to deliver solutions that rise to the challenge.

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