Pleat support for food and beverage - make your filter last longer and perform better

|   Industrial

The requirements in beverage production are particularly demanding, and the specifications are high. GESSNER is a one-stop shop for filter media, nettings, apertured films, cores, and sleeves installed in food and beverage filter elements. Our Naltex™ pleat supports meet all regulatory requirements for use in this demanding industry and ensure that your filters last longer and perform better.

Our pleated filter media offers increased surface area, resulting in higher flow and lower pressure drop. Our Naltex™ netting provides consistent pitch and depth, serving to reinforce the pleats, generate highly uniform flow, and prevent media and membrane damage. Our Naltex™ diamond nettings also help prevent the filter media from collapsing or deforming, especially in liquid filtration applications where very viscous fluids are processed.

Use of the correct pleat support is essential in ensuring both optimal flow performance and space efficiency, allowing the maximum amount of media to be accommodated in a given space. In addition, Naltex™ nettings help extend the life of the filter element by making it difficult for contaminants to build up.

It's not just about the high functionality of our customized products, but also the wide range of materials available to meet all requirements such as high temperatures, corrosive fluids, chemical resistance and compliance with regulations such as FDA, NSF, RoHS and more.