Naltex™ pleat support for Food & Beverage

Pleat support filter elements make your filters last longer and perform better


In beverage and food production, ensuring consistently high product quality is a top priority. The requirements in this industry are particularly demanding and specifications are high in order to ensure quality assurance and meet hygiene standards. 

GESSNER is the one-stop shop for filter media, nettings, apertured films, cores, and sleeves installed in food and beverage filter elements. Our Naltex™ pleated media meets all regulatory requirements for use in this demanding industry and ensures that filters have a longer service life and higher efficiency.

Our pleated filter media offers increased surface area, which both increases flow in the filter and reduces pressure drop. 
The Naltex™ netting provides uniform spacing between composites and creates a consistent depth. This serves to reinforce pleats, creates extremely uniform flow, and prevents damage to media and membranes. Especially in liquid filtration applications where very viscous fluids are processed, our Naltex™ diamond nettings prevent the filter media from collapsing or deforming.

Using the right pleat support in each filtration application is critical for optimal flow performance and space efficiency, as it allows the maximum amount of media to be accommodated in a given space. The focus here is not only on the high functionality of our custom product solutions, but also on the wide selection of materials that meet all requirements such as high temperatures, corrosive liquids, chemical resistance, and compliance with regulations such as FDA, NSF, RoHS, and more.

Naltex™ pleat support for food & beverage filter elements

Our Benefits of Naltex™ in food & beverage


  • Withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals and abrasion
  • Provide maximum filtration efficiency
  • Lightweight construction enables larger surface areas without increased weight or compromised stength and durability
  • Support structure in application
  • Additional layer of protection ensures optimum performace by preventing clogging or blockage from occuring within filter
  • Reduced costs associated with waste removal and product contamination