Naltex™ feed spacers for Reverse Osmosis Filter

Optimize your water filtration system with Naltex™ diamond nettings


Water is essential for life, and access to clean, drinkable water is a crucial factor in maintaining good health. Water filtration systems are essential in guaranteeing that our tap water is devoid of contaminants and impurities that can harm our well-being. Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nano, Ultra, and Micro Filtration systems utilize semipermeable membranes, allowing water molecules to pass through while blocking impurities. However, these membranes need feed spacers to enhance the hydraulic conditions of the feed water by generating turbulence on the membrane surface, thus reducing fouling and pressure losses within the membrane element. Naltex™ diamond nettings, which are specially crafted plastic meshes, can boost your water filtration system's efficiency, providing you with safe and pure water.

These diamond nettings are made of FDA-approved material, providing superior strength and flexibility. In addition, all Naltex™ products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet strict standards for lead, chlorine, and other contaminants commonly found in drinking water. With regular cleaning and maintenance, these diamond nettings can extend the life of your filter while ensuring safe, pure water for your entire family.

Naltex™ diamond nettings are also designed for compatibility with a wide range of membrane types, including spiral-wound membrane elements which are the most used membrane configuration in RO, Nano, Ultra, and Micro Filtration systems. The open-mesh structure of these feed spacers helps to minimize pressure drops while reducing the likelihood of clogging.

Naltex™ diamond nettings are an excellent option for those seeking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of water filtration systems.

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Naltex™ feed spacers in Reverse Osmosis Filter Elements
 Naltex™ feed spacers for Reverse Osmosis

Our Benefits of Naltex™ in RO applications


  • provides superior hydraulic flow capability
  • offers superior strength and flexibility
  • improves flux of the membrane and therefore improves the efficiency of water filtration systems
  • helps disperse feed water evenly across the filter surface
  • increases contact time with filter media, and thus improves overall filter performance
  • extends life and robustness of a membrane element by reducing fouling on membrane surface
  • contributes to less cleaning and maintenance downtime