Our NeenahPure™ special series made of polycarbonate meltblown provide low energy usage for your HVAC pleatable and bag filter elements

Many meltblown media available for air filtration applications are made out of polypropylene (PP), even though other polymers such as polycarbonate can offer a lot of advantages and can diversify your filter portfolio. Our NeenahPure™ polycarbonate series is specifically developed for ePM10 50-60% (ISO16890) as we have seen the best results for this efficiency class. The biggest advantage is the very low pressure drop (flat sheet testing: 2Pa @5.3cm/s) paired with a high dust holding capacity.
These media types are available for bag and for pleatable filters, and we can alter the composition of the media based on your needs.

If you are looking for ePM10 media with exceptional low pressure drop made out of polycarbonate to diversify your product portfolio, please reach out and request some samples.

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