GESSNER develops NeenahGuard™ material for civil masks

GESSNER is proud to introduce a new NeenahGuard™ material to facilitate the societies way back to normal life. The constant demand of mouth-nose protection for an everyday use prompted the development of a filter medium for community and civil masks to protect people. In addition it has a special focus on good breathability.

The newly developed NeenahGuard™ NG701 material is produced in our German and US sites. It is a semisynthetic material which is ultrasonic weldable. As it is durable it can be used as a single layer application and protects people in their every-day. Our 50g/m² material offers an efficiency of >80% @ 3µm (KCl @ 10 cm/s). It has a good next-to-skin comfort due to its softness.

Please find the key benefits summarized below:

  • durable to use it as a single-layer
  • protects people in their every-day
  • good next-to-skin-comfort
  • semisynthetic material
  • ultrasonic weldable

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