GESSNER™ for high efficient fuel filtration - glass containing material to reach highest possible efficiencies and still retaining DHC - while avoiding glass fiber shedding with a special technology

Trucks are in daily use, travel hundreds of kilometers every day and must function reliably. It is therefore important to protect the engine as best as possible, especially in extreme environmental conditions. For modern trucks with high injection pressures, wherever there are particle contaminations present in the fuel, a long-lasting, high efficient filter element is needed to protect the diesel engine. A really important characteristic of a perfect fuel filter element is a medium with highest efficiencies up to 99,95% (@>4µm) and still exceptional DHC.

But how to achieve this? GESSNER is offering its 3-layer fuel filter media made in Germany. We achievethese functionalities by using a special material design. The middle layer contains micro-glass, which is a guarantor for achieving highest efficiencies. To avoid glass fiber shedding, the middle layer ist sandwiched between a meltblown and a cellulose layer. The meltblown layer helps to improve the DHC and protects the glass-containing middle layer from the top side. The saturated cellulose layer ensures good pleatability so this GESSNER material can be converted on standard lines - like any other meltblown-cellulose-combination you might have used so far. This material design was largely initiated through direct dialogue with our customers to address their concerns about health hazards, processability and abrasive behavior of glass fibers.
This sandwich structure prevents glass fiber shedding and protects your employees while having the maximum performance for your customers.

Our portfolio provides a wide range of fuel filter media, from standard to highly efficient grades. We additionally are able to offer an excellent diesel-water-separation combined with a high durability. Of neccesary, we can provide tailor-made solutions to cover the requirements, exactly for our customer's needs.