Shape Memory Nonwoven - Elastic TPU meltblown nonwoven with a special effect

GESSNER develops a nonwoven with high functionality and a memory effect. Change the structure of our meltblown material only by heat and explore the multiple advantages.

Use heat to create a different structure and use heat again to create the original form structure. We're using a special TPU polymer by Covestro to create this interesting meltblown nonwoven.
The possible applications for this highly intelligent product are limitless and therefore incredibly versatile. Potential areas for the Shape Memory material can be found in the textile, automotive, medical and aerospace industries, to name just a few examples.

The benefits of this material:

  • Elastic meltblown nonwoven with shape memory effect.
  • The nonwoven can be stabilized temporarily in another shape by means of thermo-mechanical treatment. The original, permanent shape remains stored in the material.
  • Switching temperature of 40 °C for structural change.
  • Elongation of more than 400% at room temperature, Elongation greater than 600% at more than 40 °C.