Revealing the key to perfect EDM performance

|   Cellulose Nonwoven / Paper

Avoiding inaccuracies, overheating and machine damage in the EDM process with the help an often underestimated but crucial component - why good filter media is critical for EDM filtration.

The dielectric in EDM (electrical discharge machining), plays a crucial role by removing eroded particles from both the workpiece and electrode and cooling the system back to a standard operating temperature to prevent inaccuracies and significant loss through evaporation. This is why a good filter media is so important in the EDM process.

In the world of EDM precision is key. A high-quality filter medium ensures particles don't compromise machining accuracy and prolongs tool and machine lifespan.

And why GESSNER's cellulose wet-laid for your EDM application?

  • Precision Cutting: Achieve exact erosion results with a filter that meets the strict cleanliness required by EDM machines with filtration efficiencies ranging from 1µm to 25µm​.
  • Durability: Our filter solutions offer an extended lifespan and superior efficiency, thanks to our cellulose wet-laid’s resistance to wear & tear and its easy pleatability.
  • Highest Quality: Advanced testing labs and production lines with online failure detection and permeability/grammage testing.

GESSNER is committed to improving your EDM performance. Our commitment to quality makes us your trusted partner when it comes to achieving unparalleled precision and efficiency in machining operations.

Work with us to achieve unmatched accuracy and operational performance in your machining processes. Contact us today to learn how our filtration solutions can boost your processes.