Conwed™ in RO, NF, MF, and UF applications - prevent bacterial growth while enhancing operating efficiency

|   Water

In the world of food & dairy, process and filtration, it’s crucial to combat bacterial growth and ensure the longevity and efficiency of reverse filtration elements. That is where Conwed™ innovative extruded square nettings come into play.

These nettings are wrapped around the outside of an element to create turbulent flow – reducing dead space and inhibiting bacteria proliferation. The result? A sustained clean outer wrap that reduces dead zones and biological growth to meet your client’s needs.

Why Conwed™ square netting makes a difference:

  • Bacterial Growth Prevention: Turbulent flow around the outside of the elements presents hostile environment for bacteria.
  • Robust Structure: Enhances the durability of spiral wound element structures.
  • Customizable Design: Tailored solutions to meet diverse industrial and consumer needs.
  • Meeting regulation guidelines: Ability to produce with materials complying with NSF, FDA 21 CFR and various EU regulation guidelines.


Whether improving water quality or meeting critical food & beverage and process separation requirements, our netting supports the industry’s push towards better, more reliable food & diary, process, and water-treatment technologies. Experience the difference.

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