Conservation and environmental measures at our Weidach facility in Germany

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As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the environment and promote biodiversity, GESSNER has plans to transform certain areas of our Weidach facility into biodiversity spaces or insect-friendly zones. This initiative is a significant component of our environmental program.

In collaboration with ProCommuno and the Rosenheim Landscape Conservation Association, we have developed a concept aimed at enhancing biodiversity and safeguarding insects. After a thorough analysis, suitable areas within this facility were identified for the project.

The planned actions vary depending on the area and include:

  • Sowing of native seeds from regional production.
  • Adjustment of mowing intervals.
  • Preference for mowing over mulching.
  • Modification of mowing technique: the designated areas will exclusively be treated with an insect-friendly double-blade mowing technique in the future.

Furthermore, all mowing waste will be removed from the areas. This leads to a consistent impoverishment of the areas, allowing species that naturally belong there to prevail over grasses.

These measures represent a significant step towards making a positive contribution to conservation and promoting biodiversity. We firmly believe that businesses play a vital role in protecting our planet and look forward to implementing these initiatives.

Today, our environmental department colleagues, Franzi, Nicole, and Sigi, have already begun the task of planting native seeds. We look forward to seeing the results of this sustainable initiative in the coming year.