100% cellulose based GESSNER™ engine air filter medium with up to double dust holding capacity at high face velocity

Decreasing space under the hood and the increasing volumes of air needed by engines today mean that highly specialized filter media with high dust holding capacity (DHC) are required!

We have developed a GESSNER™ medium for engine air filters in passenger cars with an improved gradient structure to fulfill these needs. Our A006D medium consists of 100% leading edge cellulose and has a special paper media design - these characteristics lead to an increased lifetime of the filter medium. We can provide a higher efficiency compared to media with  similar air permeability up to 99,84% based on our flatsheet testing according to ISO 5011 and up to 100% increase in dust holding capacity at higher flow velocities by only a slightly higher thickness compared to standard media. With our state-of-the-art resin technology, the medium receives the final touch and is of course available with flame retardancy according to DIN53438.

If you need a 100% cellulose based engine air filter medium with a very high dust holding capacity at high face velocity reach out to us.