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Innovating with Shape Memory: The Future of Customizable Nonwovens

|   Synthetic Nonwoven

Imagine a support bandage that's easy to slip on because of its stretched form, then conforms snugly when heat is applied, all while maintaining breathability and comfort. Our material's unique blend of elasticity and recovery has the potential to…

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Unlocking the Secrets of Liquid-Liquid Coalescence

|   Cellulose Nonwoven / Paper

Our colleague Ashish Bandekar will speak at AFS's FiltCon 2024 on the topic " Study of phenolic grade  coalescer meida used in liquid-liquid coalescence". We are excited that we are able to share some insights into this topic already.

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Innovation in Oil Filter Media Technology - GESSNER's patented asymmetric saturation process

|   Saturation

Step into the future with our revolutionary two-sided filter media! Our innovative product is the perfect blend of curing and non-curing resins, offering unique characteristics that bring unparalleled advantages for both products and converters with…

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Conwed™ in RO, NF, MF, and UF applications - prevent bacterial growth while enhancing operating efficiency

|   Water

In the world of food & dairy, process and filtration, it’s crucial to combat bacterial growth and ensure the longevity and efficiency of reverse filtration elements. That is where Conwed™ innovative extruded square nettings come into play.


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Certifications, Classifications, and Standards in Air Filtration

Created by Yasar Kiyak | |   Thermal Bonded Nonwoven

In the realm of air filtration and ventilation, various certifications, classifications, standards, and guidelines play crucial roles in ensuring safety, efficiency, and indoor air quality across different settings. From testing the fire resistance…

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Cellulose based filter media for HME applications

|   Life Science

Ready to elevate patient safety and transform respiratory filtration? Explore GESSNER's filter media solutions for healthcare!

At GESSNER, we are dedicated to advancing respiratory treatment technologies with our superior-quality filter media. Our…

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Naltex™ Diamond Nettings feat. James - watch our video

|   Extruded Nettings - Naltex™ & Conwed™

We are proud to roll out our latest video featuring our Sales Director, James Sandy, as he unveils the capabilities of GESSNER's Naltex™ extruded diamond nettings.

Naltex™ is revolutionizing the filtration industry with its extraordinary versatility…

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Happy Birthday, GESSNER ♥

|   Company News

Exactly one year ago, we launched on an ambitious mission with GESSNER – to merge pioneering filtration solutions and present an expansive portfolio under a name steeped in tradition, a name that was already making waves in the industry. Today, we…

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Kosher and Halal certified TPU meltblown nonwoven

|   Meltblown

We are pleased to announce that our Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) meltblown nonwovens are now certified as Halal and Kosher compliant. In a world where trust and transparency are paramount, these certifications provide reassurance to our global…

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