NeenahPure™ - our HVAC filter media solution for clean air

In a world where polluted air, virus particles, and bacteria are part of our daily lives it is important to protect ourselves from them. HVAC and Air Purifier filters play a key role in providing clean indoor air.  A high-quality filter media is essential for the effectiveness of a filter element.

Neenah Filtration offers the filter media portfolio NeenahPure™ covering efficiencies from ePM10 50% to ePM1 80% (ISO 16890) and M5-F9 (EN779:2012). Our highly charged materials reach efficiencies > 99.9% (KCL, 0,3µm, 5.3cm/s). NeenahPure™ filter media are available for pleatable and bag filter elements.

Besides our standard portfolio we provide tailormade solutions to satisfy individual requirements in regards to performance and runability. We offer high precision slitting according to our customers’ specifications (combination of different widths, narrow widths etc.), online inspection systems, high flexibility in the composition of media, and different bonding technologies.

NeenahPure™ media avoids harmful fiber sheddings, has a very high dust holding capacity (DHC), a good pressure loss and efficiency ratio, a very high mechanical stability, and flame retardancy.

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