NeenahPure® - highly charged Meltblown media combines high efficiency with reduced energy consumption plus antimicrobial coatings

|   HVAC & Air Purifier

Neenah Filtration’s NeenahPure® product range is the media solution for HVAC, Air Purification & Air Pollution Control filter elements to provide clean indoor air for a better protection.

The NeenahPure® highly charged Meltblown media increases efficiency but maintains a low pressure drop and thus allows for a low energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption will be the key for our future. To ensure the quality of a filter it is important to use a charged media that maintains the charge over time and thus the efficiency. Our superior in-house charging technology allows the NeenahPure® material to ensure long term charging stability.  Our internal tests have shown a stable efficiency even after several weeks of outside air (from an industrial area) being pushed constantly through the media. Electrically charged Meltblown media can be a solution to a more sustainable world by reducing the energy used to clean our air.

As there’s nothing more important than breathing clean and germ-free air, Neenah Filtration provides additionally an antimicrobial solution for its NeenahPure® media that is innovative and contemporary without restricting the air permeability. Feel free to contact us for detailed information.